5th Annual

March 7-8th in New Orleans, LA 

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Solidarity Project Advocacy Network

formerly known as The Louisiana Movement


"A more equitable quality of life is only achieved through a more inclusive society."

Programs 'n Tools

Organizing ToolBox

The Organizing ToolBox is a creation of New Organizing Institute. It was "first written by Marshall Ganz of Harvard and then molded by practitioners of organizers from across the nation." 

Click here for the Organizing ToolBox


The Pelican Brief: Post Legislative Session Policy Institute

Organizers are at the front lines of community engagement. Every year legislators pass policies that directly impact the communities we serve.  The Pelican Brief is an opportunity to become better informed after the legislative session.

Click here for more information about The Pelican Brief


Empowering Progress Training

EMPOWERING PROGRESS is our signature training.  It is tailored to the needs of your campaign.  Whether you've become passionate about an issue but are totally new to organizing, or if you've been around the block but want to touch up on your skills - we  give you and your team the tools needed to win.  We offer one day workshops, as well as intense and in-depth multi-day training.  Sessions focus on results-driven strategies.

Click here for more information about Empowering Progress


Socializing for Solidarity Progressive Social Mixers

Socializing for Solidarity is the perfect opportunity to get to know other progressive in your area.

Click here for more information about Socializing for Solidarity



Divers.I.teracy is our statewide arts club.  Every quarter we suggest books, movies and poetry that promote diversity awareness.

Click here for more information about Divers.I.teracy


Dining Organizers


Dining Organizers is about getting a few organizers together about once a month at someone’s home to discuss organizing principles based on a reading or video. The hope is that organizers from different schools of thought, issue campaigns, and walks of life get together to share their unique perspective on organizing.

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