5th Annual

March 7-8th in New Orleans, LA 

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Solidarity Project Advocacy Network

formerly known as The Louisiana Movement


"A more equitable quality of life is only achieved through a more inclusive society."

Progressive Leaders of Louisiana - PLL

Progressive Leaders of Louisiana (PLL) is a project of Solidarity Project Advocacy Network.  Solidarity Project Advocacy Network is a statewide network of diverse citizens and organizations collaboratively working to address our common needs.  We believe that a more equitable quality of life can only be sustained by an inclusive society.  We are the longest standing most diverse network of our kind, and we welcome you to our community.

Become a member of PLL today!

Joining our online community and using this space to share with others does not constitute official membership.


Benefits to official membership include:

  • The right to vote on organizational leadership and to have a voice on the direction of the organization.
  • Staying plugged into a diverse, dynamic network of progressives.
  • Significantly discounted tickets to trainings, programs, and other events.

Membership levels:

Individual Member at Large - Join as an individual activist, art-activist, community organizer or fellow lover of a more inclusive Louisiana ($25)

All members must subscribe to Solidarity Project Advocacy Network core values.

Complete the PLL membership application online here:

Progressive Leaders of Louisiana Membership Application



PLL's Facebook page is: Progressive Leaders of Louisiana

Solidarity Project Advocacy Network Facebook page is: Solidarity Project Advocacy Network


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